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When recovering a pool table you must first understand the main differences in cloth to make sure you are getting the best for your playing style.

 There are many types of pool table cloth but the main ones are –

Standard Cloth  /  Brands include - (Championship, Imperial, Titan, Forstman and more)

Standard with Teflon  /   Brands include - (Championship, Imperial, Titan, Forstman and more)

Speed Cloth  /  Brands include - (Simonis, Championship Tour Edition, Velocity, Brunswick Centennial) 

Logo Cloth  /  Brands include - (NFL, MLB, Harley Davidson and many more…….)


The least expensive and most commonly used would be “Standard Pool Table Cloth”, this type offers the most color options, about 35. They range in weight between 18-23 ounces, however the most commonly used and most preferred weight is 21oz.

The next type would be “Standard with Teflon”, sometimes prices can be slightly higher only by just a few dollars but you are limited to about half of the color options, weights are the same.


“Speed cloth” also referred to as “Tournament Cloth” is for the most discriminating pool player who wants the BEST! Speed cloth rolls noticeably, about 20% faster. This allows for more finesse in your strokes, whether you are shooting easier or harder the accuracy is second to none. If you watch the professionals playing on ESPN this is the cloth they use!


“Logo” cloth is available in NFL, MLB and many other major company brands. You can expect to pay a premium for this type of cloth and this is solely for licensing reasons. It is not recommended for tournament use.


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