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5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Pool Table

Room Size Table Guide

Do I need a dot (spot) on my pool table?

It’s a matter of personal preference but not required.

Can I vacuum my pool table felt?

Yes, is your cloth was stapled (NOT GLUED) and as long as it is not a rotating attachment, “only” use a suction bristle attachment.

What is the type of cloth and weight?

Tournament cloth such as “Simonis” and “Championship Tour Addition” is the best and fastest. (Used in tournaments such as ESPN). Standard cloth however is still good for the novas players at home. Preferred weight is 21oz.

How long does cloth last?

We typically say 5 years or more, but usually changed do to décor changes in the room or excessive use.

How do I know what size table I have?

Measure from bumper to bumper width wise and in inches refer to the table and room size chart.

How high does my pool table light need to be above my pool table?

Recommended height is roughly 36 inches from the playing surface to the bottom of your shade, you can raise it up or down depending on shadowing. If your pool table is not yet installed measure 66 inches from floor to bottom of the shade.

Can I install a pool table light after my table has already been set up?

Yes, with a proper ladder or scaffolding that does not touch the table in anyway. You should never sit or stand on your table after installation.

What kind of flooring do I need to put a pool table on?

All flooring is ok. We can level on anything, indoor or outdoor!

Can I put a ping pong topper on my table?

Yes, but make sure you have a quality cover on it first.

How do I know if my bumpers are bad?

Push in on the bumper every several inches and if the is a hard spot it is best to replace them all.

Is it necessary to replace my cloth if my pool table is moved?

No, we can re-use your insisting cloth up to 3 times.

There white dots all over my pool table cloth?

The white dots on the playing surface are friction burns when the balls strike each other. This friction travels through the balls and into the cloth. Also from the tip of the cue hit the table from follow after a ball has been hit. You can minimize this by using a higher grade of pool balls made of phenolic resin rather than the cheaper acrylic balls.
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